5 Steps To Organizing Your Closet

Over time people can accumulate a lot of stuff.  Because of this, we require ample space to store the things we need for each season of the year.  However, places like closets can become chaotic without detailed organization skills, making it impossible to locate your favorite items and clothing accessories.

If you are experiencing a closet that is about to explode from all the clothing stuffed into it, then take these five steps to organize your closet for better access to your favorite clothes.

1: Empty & Clean Your Closet

The best way to start any closet organization project is to remove everything from the closet and give it a good clean so that items can be put back in a more thoughtfully organized way.

2: Group Clothes By Category

Sorting clothes into piles helps identify which clothes you want to keep and which clothes you may want to donate or throw away.  Additionally, piles can be organized by frequency of use, seasons, or type.

3: Hang Clothes Up

Consider purchasing color-coded hangers that identify different types of clothes.  The ideal closet organizer design prioritizes heavy, delicate, or bulky items onto a hanger.

4: Fold & Stack Clothing

Clothing such as sweaters, pants, and shorts should be neatly folded and stacked on available closet shelves.  Never jam more than the available space between shelves will allow to avoid a cluttered look.

5: Fill In The Gaps

Gaps in floor space or shelf space can be filled with shoes, clothing accessories, socks, and intimate apparel.

If you don’t have the closet space to fit all of your clothing items, consider hiring a professional closet installation service to design and build a custom wood closet that will suit all of your storage needs.